Athlete – Eating Disorder and Exercise Consultation

Research indicates that athletes are 2-3 times more likely than non-athletes to develop an eating disorder. Athletes struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating and problematic physical activity often suffer from decreased performance, increased risk of injury and potentially career ending mental and physical health consequences.
As a board-certified sports dietitian and certified strength and conditioning specialist trained in counseling, commanding over a decade in the field, I have coached and trained with Olympians, Professional Athletes, and Division 1 Teams, developing programs to help my clients overcome these challenges.
As someone who has walked the walk, talked the talk and employs methods that work, coaches and athletes alike know who to call when they need to overcome eating disorders and problematic physical activity once and for all.
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I was first referred to Matt by my therapist about 8 months ago. I was at a low point struggling with some disordered eating tendencies and body image issues that were tied to anxiety over my performance as a basketball player.

My therapist recommended I meet with him due to his specialized experience working with athletes who struggle with disordered eating and eating disorders.

By the time I had my first meeting with Matt I’d been restricting food and calories for about a year and a half and it had become increasingly unsustainable. I had an internal conflict between wanting to continue restricting but not being able to, and the subsequent distress I felt when I could no longer use food choices to soothe my anxieties over my body image, my dedication as an athlete and my worth as a person.

I stuck to patterns of eating the same foods and ignoring hunger cues. The times I did stray from my “safe” foods, I would immediately feel intense spirals of guilt and anxiety. I was constantly overthinking and would fixate on my appearance. I was the most unhappy and insecure I’d ever been. I am so grateful to have worked with Matt. The difference I’ve noticed in my day to day life has been immeasurable. I now spend less time obsessing over food choices and am able to be flexible when I don’t have control and even experimental when I do. I have way more good days than bad days, something I couldn’t have foreseen 8 months ago. I’ve also learned to sit with emotions even when they’re hard and find alternative ways to cope that work for me. I’ve really begun to embrace my own feelings and decisions, and not rely on comparisons and external opinions so much.

Overall, the growth I was able to make with Matt’s help has really allowed me to decrease the pressure I put on small day to day decisions and instead put that energy towards the things that make me happy. I feel a lot brighter and hopeful now, and feel well- equipped to continue this progress on my own.

I am very thankful as I don’t think I would be where I am now without my time with Matt.

Elizabeth S.

As a Division 1 College athlete, I was always used to a schedule for everything. Practice, school, eating, everything.

After graduation I no longer had the structure, I had for the past 8 years. This caused some deep seeded anxiety that I never recognized. The anxiety took many forms but rooted itself as an eating disorder. I had lost all interest in eating and had lost significant weight.

Not knowing what to do, I needed someone who knew about what I was going through. I found Matt after searching for someone who knew athletes, eating disorders, and was knowledgeable about strength and conditioning.

Right off the bat, Matt was extremely personable and made me feel comfortable and heard. He went at my pace in this daunting transition, which made all the difference. He figured out the root of my issues very quickly, even when I had no clue what was going on.

Matt took the time to learn about me and what I was going through. Not only did he set a plan in motion to correct my bad habits, but Matt set me up to continue to improve. He gave me the knowledge to move on from our sessions and feel confident in knowing how to deal with future problems.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Matt. He’s an amazing and knowledgeable person that I would recommend to anyone!

Ryan D.