Health, Wellness and Performance

We are overloaded with information about food and exercise, but often struggle to find the wisdom needed to nurture these relationships.
Trained at Columbia University and the Harvard Medical School affiliated teaching institution, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, I have spent over a decade helping my clients reach their health, wellness and performance goals.
My mission is to equip you with the skills and mindset needed to filter out the noise, and finally build the confidence needed to live your best life.
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Matt is a caring and highly intelligent nutritionist who focuses on understanding his clients and their unique situations.

Developing this understanding of each client sets Matt apart and enables him to address deeper issues, often those that clients might not even be aware of. It has been clear from the start that Matt brings deep knowledge and compassion to all of his client engagements.

Working with Matt for several months now has enabled me to better understand myself, my nutrition, and my activity in ways I didn’t think was possible (while going through several changes of my own).

I cannot recommend Matt highly enough!

Daniel B.

Matt is excellent; a very thoughtful and caring nutritionist. He is not your average “here’s a list of what you should and shouldn’t eat” kind of dietician. This is a high-end customized approach, with a strong emphasis on educating the client so guidance is better understood and accepted, and with an end-goal of making the client independent.

One of the best professionals I’ve worked with, and recommend without reservation.

Phillip H.